Opportunity, Affordability & High Quality Living Await in Sioux Falls!

sioux-fallsIf you’re looking for a great place to live, Sioux Falls should be right at the top of your list—just ask Livability.com! In its annual Top 100 Places to Live ranking, the popular town-and-city comparison site ranked Sioux Falls, SD among the best places in America to call home.

One of 2016’s Best Places to Live in America

Just how did Sioux Falls stack up compared with… everywhere else in the nation? Pretty well—it came in at #10 of over 2,000 cities compared in the study. Livability stated that lots of amenities, plenty of entertainment options, great schools, high rankings in healthcare, and a strong economy were just the start of what makes Sioux Falls so great.

Family Enjoying Cupcakes At Outdoor Summer EventA Deeper Look Into the High-Quality Living of Sioux Falls

Over 70 parks and 19 miles of bike trails, including the beautiful waterfalls of Falls Park. A thriving downtown filled with shopping, dining, live entertainment, art shows and galleries. Over 650 restaurants. Hospitals, banks, and telecom businesses among the top employers. A 1.3 million square foot shopping center. The list goes on and on; it’s no surprise that Sioux Falls rated so highly. Additionally, unlike many of the other Top Places, Sioux Falls maintains a highly affordable cost of living, with a median home value of just $151,000.

Great Livability—And Business Opportunities

Livability didn’t just recognize Sioux Falls for its overall high quality of life. In fact, another study named the city in the Top 50 Places for Entrepreneurs. The study was highly data-based research that took into account several important economic factors, including growth in business, unemployment rate, number of venture capital deals,Group of friends at rooftop partybusiness tax rates, available funding for business owners, accessibility of hi-speed internet, and how much residents spend within the community, rather than outside.

Why Did Sioux Falls Do Well?

Sioux Falls ranked in at #21 of the Top 50. Besides the already-stated factors that allow for a very high quality of life within the city, Livability also noted that the city has recently added a new angel fund, the Falls Angel Fund, LLC. Additionally, it boasts a 7% business growth and a 4% employment growth.

RS5238_iStock_000080007931_Double-scr 2Other Accolades

These aren’t the only two accolades of Sioux Falls! In fact, the city boasts a long list of top rankings throughout the years. Most notably, it has sat dominantly at the top of Forbes’ list of #1 Best Small Cities for Business & Career from 2003 to 2015, ranking third overall last year. It was also named the “All-Around Healthiest City in America” by Prevention Magazine, which named factors such as parks and trails, low crime and unemployment, access to healthcare, and easy commutes among its reasons.

Ready to Start Living the Good Life in Sioux Falls?

Whether you’re looking for great schools, lots of attractions and amenities, a great place to work, or just an outstanding town to call home, it’s time to learn more about life in Sioux Falls! So start exploring communities, searching homes for sale, or learning more about buying a home in this great city. And when you’re ready, or if you have any questions, just contact us and let’s get started.

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