9 New Year’s Resolutions Buying a Home Will Help You Fulfill

Whether or not “buy a home in Sioux Falls” is on your New Year’s Resolution list, buying a home actually can help you fulfill several other common resolutions. It might seem like a stretch to call it a 2-for-1 deal, but it’s true! Here are 9 New Year’s Resolutions that buying a home will help you keep.build your savings by buying a home

1. Spend Less

Before buying a home, it’s important to keep a close eye on your spending and establish a monthly budget—which makes you accountable for all your spending. If you’re keeping a close eye on your credit card statements and checking account, you might be a little less likely to hit that 1-click purchase button on Amazon…

2. Save More

Buying a home is usually fairly comparable to renting in terms of monthly payments… But the big difference lies in where the money goes. When you rent, you’re helping your landlord pay his mortgage. When you buy, you’re not really spending money, just putting it towards the equity of your home.

3. Get or Stay Active

Touring homes requires a lot of walking! Up and down stairs, room to room, outside, maybe even through the neighborhood a
bit. Plus, once you’ve actually moved in, you’ll get to take advantage of all the community features you’ve carefully selected—like access to parks and trails or maybe even a fitness center or gym.cook at home to be healthy

4. Eat Healthy or Go Out to Eat Less

Now that you’re more active, you’re also more likely to eat healthy, especially now that you have a beautiful new kitchen to cook in! Say goodbye to take-out and hello to home-cooked goodness.

5. Spend More Time with Family or Friends

Who wouldn’t want to invite their family or friends over to show off their new pad? Commence celebration festivities!

6. Quit Smoking

You just bought this beautiful new home—you wouldn’t want to bring in the smell of smoke or discolor the walls, would you?

7. Get Organized or Get Rid of Extra Stuff

Regardless of whether you’re upgrading to a larger home or smaller condo, moving from one residence to another requires you to go through all that stuff you don’t use—and nothing motivates you to get rid of all those clothes or boxes of stuff you don’t use than the thought of having to lug them up the stairs to your new closet… get organized when you moveMoving requires organization and encourages you to donate and get rid of unused stuff.

8. Find Stability

Whether you have a history of apartment-hopping or job-hopping, nothing says stability like owning a home. No packing up and moving on a whim now!

9. Stop Procrastinating

If you can buy a home, you can pretty much do anything, right? All that other stuff you’ve been putting off will be easy now!

Ready to Find Your New Year’s Resolution Solution in Sioux Falls?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Sioux Falls, then it’s time to contact the Fisher Sisters. We’ll help you learn more about the community of Sioux Falls and its lovely neighborhoods, start searching homes for sale in Sioux Falls, and buy your dream home here (and maybe keep a few resolutions along the way)!

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